Lynnwood is for Everyone

Ben Corey for Lynnwood City Council

IMG_7509 copyMy name is Ben Corey, and I am running for Lynnwood’s city council. I believe we need to provide all of our residents with a community in which they can feel safe, welcome, and secure. We need to provide our citizens with just laws, prioritize education and cultural growth, and maintain the beautiful parks and pathways that connect our community. Explore this page to learn more about who I am, and why I believe you should vote for me for Lynnwood City Council.

Endorsed by the 21st District Democrats, 32nd District Democrats, and The Snohomish County Young Democrats

In Brief:


People need to be paid enough to live. If a company does not do so, the government must step in to cover the missing income. So when a company doesn’t pay their employees enough to pay rent, feed themselves and their family, and afford the basic commodities of life we all expect to enjoy as residents of a first world country, the tax payers pay that instead.

All of Washington State will be required to pay a minimum wage of $13.50 by 2020, Due to our place in a rapidly changing area of Washington, Lynnwood ought to exceed this requirement. If we are going to let people live where they work, to actually save money, invest and thrive, then we need a minimum wage of $15 per hour immediately, and that wage must increase as the cost of living does. Given the inflation caused by Seattle’s skyrocketing prosperity, occurring after their own minimum wage increase, the latter will be inevitable, and so must be the former. When we all do better, we all do better, this has proven true in every city brave enough to give every employee a wage they deserve.


The paramount duty of our state government is the education of every child regardless of their background. It is stated as such very clearly in our state constitution,

“It is the paramount duty of the state to make ample provision for the education of all children residing within its borders, without distinction or preference on account of race, color, caste or sex.”

Lynnwood needs to be a leader in ensuring that every child receives the education they deserve. So much of our education funding comes from the state and the federal level, so we need to be vocal with our state and federal representatives about the budget our children deserve. At a local level we must pass every bond and every levy, and continue to research new means of revenue.

Rights and Laws

People who commit crimes must face the consequences. In the vast majority of cases those consequences ought to include a reintroduction to society, one that provides the previously incarcerated with the ability to gain employment and become a contributing member of our community. If they refuse this process the consequences will grow more severe, but in no case should we be giving up on people because of one mistake.

No person should be discriminated against because of their race, ethnicity, income level, or their gender or sexual orientation. We are all people, and we all need to be treated with respect. Our laws should reflect this value.

No human being is “illegal”. If we disregard those who come to our country by any means necessary we disregard the story of every non-Native American family who resides within our borders. We need to ensure that all of our residents are given the means necessary to become citizens, and to ensure that they are not forced back into a dangerous and impoverished situation simply to satisfy some crass and inappropriate sense of nationalism. Lynnwood needs to become a sanctuary city.


We need to increase the amount of space dedicated to the enjoyment of our residents. Lynnwood has beautiful parks, but it deserves even more, and with a broader availability of activities. We need places for hiking, biking, skateboarding, swimming, basketball, tennis, baseball, and everything else, and in as many neighborhoods as possible.

Lynnwood has a choice. It can become a bedroom community that is home to many shopping opportunities, or it can become a city. It can give away space to billion dollar corporations that exist only to sell merchandise to people passing through, or it can invest in those spaces, creating museums, libraries, theaters, community centers, and more. The difference is stark, Lynnwood can either become a center of culture and society, or it can be the place with the mall. I believe Lynnwood deserves to be a place people want to live, not just a place people come to shop.