Fundraising Letter

Hello Friends, Family, Neighbors, and Colleagues,

I’m writing today to let you know I am running for Lynnwood City Council Position 1. I’ve decided to run because Lynnwood is a growing city that is going to face big city challenges in the years to come. As the tech bubble in Seattle grows, raising the cost of living and diminishing housing options for anyone not working in that bubble, populations in the surrounding areas will continue to grow. We need to be ready to meet that challenge.
Lynnwood is going to need affordable housing and livable wages. We will need increased social services, and we must maintain our commitment to the education of all of our children, regardless of demographic, inside and outside of school. We need to move away from being a bedroom community by expanding our public spaces, our parks and cultural institutions, and make our city a great place to live, work, and play. To do all of this we need to find new ways to produce revenue, outside of the regressive sales and property taxes we rely on today.
Many of you do not live in Lynnwood, but together we can make sure Lynnwood sets an example for all other cities to follow. We need to make sure all of our residents, regardless of race, religion, orientation, or gender identity, feel at home here, and are allowed to live their lives in peace. Lynnwood must stand in support of our immigration population, and ensure they have every opportunity to be members of our community. We need to make Lynnwood a place for everyone, because people everywhere are going to be moving here.
To learn more about my platform please visit:
You can also connect with us at:
We have all this to do, and more. I am writing today for your support. I assure you I will not be sending muliple emails asking for money, but if you can help support my campaign it would be hugely appreciated. Please visit
Any amount would be amazing! Please note (in case you are feeling particularly generous) I cannot accept more than $500 from any individual. If you aren’t inclined to donate, letting people know about my campaign would be incredibly helpful as well. I’ll be out knocking on doors from now until November, if anyone would like to get involved with that I would love to have you along.
Thank you for reading this novel! Any updates in the future will be a less of a time investment I assure you. Thank you in advance for any help you can provide. Together, we can make a difference.
Thanks again,
Ben Corey
ps. I’m not going to be sending too many emails, but if you’d like to receive none just let me know!

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