The Environment

Donald Trump has decided to turn his back on the incredible wealth of knowledge that tells us two things:

  1. The Earth is warming up. Year after year is the hottest year on record. Weather patterns have become completely unpredictable. Storms have increased in intensity and quantity. The glaciers in the north and south poles, and all over the globe, have diminished. This is not a theory, it is not an idea, the massive amounts of carbon being pumped into the air is changing the temperature of the Earth.
  2. Renewable energy is the future of energy. Coal plants and fossil fuels are quickly becoming archaic. This is great news for the planet, but from a business perspective it is also great news. there is untouched billions of dollars to be made, by manufacturers, installation technicians, entrepreneurs, as well as business owners, in solar, wind, and other green energy sources.

Pulling out of the Paris climate accord tells us that Donald Trump doesn’t understand basic science or basic economics. The good news is that Donald Trump doesn’t have anywhere near as much power as he’d like to believe.

When the federal government fails the states step in. Our governor Jay Inslee has already stated that he will be working to uphold the Paris climate accord. Each city needs to make a similar pledge, and create a plan that demonstrates how they will do so.

Solar is the future. Lynnwood needs to provide tax breaks to homeowners who install solar panels, to augment their energy savings. The city buildings themselves should have them installed, and all future development should have mandated environmental standards that include utilizing solar panels. If that sounds like too much consider the fact that we insist every building development include running water and waste removal. Lynnwood mandates that every homeowner have regular garbage pickup. This would be one more way that our city can ensure that all of us live in a clean environment. More than that though, our city could lead the way in making actual environmental progress inseparable from our city’s inevitable growth.

As your city council representative I will be fighting for exactly this. A bold declaration of our intent to uphold the Paris climate accord in our city, and a detailed plan of exactly how we will achieve this. Together, we can truly make a difference that will benefit ourselves, our kids, and generations to come.



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