About me

My name is Ben Corey. I live in the Southeast corner of Lynnwood with my wife Jillaine and my toddling chicken rancher Morrison. I have lived in Washington State my whole life, I was born in Marysville, I’ve lived in Seattle and Bellingham (and Seattle again), before finally settling down in my adopted hometown of Lynnwood.

I am a 4th grade teacher in Redmond, and while I don’t currently work in Lynnwood, I own my home here, pay my taxes here, shop here, take my son to our parks, and make daily use of our city’s many roads, pathways, parks, and cultural institutions. In short, Lynnwood is our home, and I want to make it the best possible city it can be.

You are welcome to contact me anytime!I would love to hear what issues matter to you. Feel free to email me at bencorey4lynnwood@gmail.com, I would love to hear from you.


Ben Corey